I am a trained journalist from the Danish School of Media and Journalism. I have worked for several years as an editor in the publishing industry in both Denmark and England. Since February 2009, I have lived in the Dutch capital with my South African wife Ingrid. Occasionally getting a visit from the son Emil living in Copenhagen, and the daughter Georgia living in Cornwall. I deliver news and stories within all journalistic fields – both in Danish and English. I’ve also specialized in online presentation and communication – both as a Web-editor and Webmaster.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe


The Netherlands is in many ways like Denmark – approximately 40,000 relative flat square kilometres, of which a great part consists of water. The languages are almost equally inaccessible. Politically and culturally, the two countries have more similarities than differences. And yet it is as if the Netherlands is a few steps ahead of Denmark when it comes to many of the challenges a modern and democratic society faces. Maybe it’s the more central European location? Maybe it’s because the population density is three times higher? Or maybe because the Dutch have left their historical fingerprint on world history much more than the Danish? No matter the reason, the Netherlands, and the Dutch have plenty of interesting tales to tell the Danes and the rest of the universe.