JAWS MEDIA is synonymous with journalist and author Jens Anders Wejsmark Sorensen. After working several years in Denmark and England as an editor in the publishing industry he became an independent contractor in 2005 working as a correspondent and creative agent. Currently he’s living in Amsterdam from where he covers big and small events in text, sound, photo and video from the Netherlands – and the rest of the universe. He has also specialized in online presentation and communication – both as a Webeditor and Webmaster.

Under the pen name JEAN WESO he has written the Rinus Rompa book trilogy and the book Lust, Lies, Liquor & Love – the adventures and misfortunes of an immature but benevolent private detective as he navigates in a world of desire, distrust, abuse, and abduction in Amsterdam and Paris in the mid-1970. 

JAWS MEDIA can help you get your own book published and promoted.

There can be several reasons why your company wishes to use a Danish journalist living in the Dutch capital. It could be that you need someone:

  • With knowledge of the Danish, Dutch and English languages
  • With good communication skills
  • Up to date with the latest news
  • With good knowledge of the Netherlands and the Dutch
  • To deliver specific news
  • With a substantial network of contacts
  • Who can give a thorough introduction to Amsterdam and the amsterdammers
  • To be liaison officer between people, media and companies

Whatever reason you may have JAWS MEDIA would like to help making your Dutch ‘experience’ a good one.

JAWS MEDIA can also help you with:

  • Getting your book published – and do the book launch and promotion.
  • Online presentation and communication – both as a Webeditor and Webmaster.